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Now visiting the doctor is easier than ever before. Avoid the waiting room and the inconvenience of going to the doctor’s office. Visit a doctor by phone, secure video or MDLIVE App. Doctors are available 24/7 and family members are also eligible.

  • Pay $0 out of pocket for medical consultations.

  • Three free Talk Therapy consultations per person, per calendar year and then $90 per hour.

  • Dermatology consultations are $59 per video consult.

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Free access to a merchant network offers organizations a powerful way to make an impact on their customers and members. It combines the power of over 900 world-class brands with the relevance of local merchants from every community in America. Our collection of over 300,000 in-store locations offers an unparalleled value of 10–50% in savings at the places consumers shop every day in categories like:

  • Dining and Food

  • Apparel

  • Electronic

  • Hotel and Travel

  • Car Rental

  • Movie Tickets

  • Theme Parks

  • Sporting Events

  • Auto Care and More

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 Reducing Your Business’s Carbon Footprint

Small businesses have an existential challenge: taking steps to reduce their carbon footprints. Are you doing business as usual or confronting the reality of global warming?

Climate change is such a huge issue that small business owners often don’t recognize the role they play. They think their companies are too small to have a material impact on the world’s climate, while nothing could be further from the truth.

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Make Space for Yoga in Your Small Business

Stress is a common complaint of many small business owners, and it can lead to high levels of anxiety, depression and other conditions that can negatively impact your professional or personal life. If you’re struggling to find relief, consider giving yoga a try.

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