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Welcome to American Independent Business Coalition!

Lighting the Way for Small Business Owners, Individuals and Families

AIBC is focused on enhancing key areas of our Member's lives - career, personal and general health - by removing the financial and knowledge hurdles that can sometimes stand in the way.

Providing best benefits for you

The American Independent Business Coalition serves tens of thousands of small business owners, self-employed individuals and their families all across America. AIBC leverages the collective purchasing power of all our members to provide a wide variety of discounts, services and resources that are normally available only to large corporations. The benefits and privileges of AIBC membership are specially selected to meet the unique needs of our Members and they cannot be replicated in the open market for the same price. AIBC is focused on enhancing three key areas of our Members’ lives - career, personal and general health - by removing the financial and knowledge hurdles that can sometimes stand in the way. Our mission is to be a beacon that is “Lighting the Way” to a richer, more fulfilling life for every AIBC Member.

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CVS Prescription Savings Card - Save an average of 20% off the pharmacy’s regular price on all commonly prescribed prescriptions and an average savings of 50% on 3-month supplies of select generics through mail service. Savings are also available on high-tech and injectable drugs through our specialty pharmacy. Over 60,000 participating retail pharmacies nationwide.

Vitamin Discount - Vitamins, nutritional supplements and more. 20% off discounted online pricing, over 1,900 products available.

GYMAMERICA.com - Discount on online fitness tools including personal trainer software, personalized workout plans, personalized diet plans, diet tracker with nutrition scorecard and more. Honored by Forbes Magazine with its “Best of the Web” award.

Vision Discount - With Individual Savings Pass, you'll enjoy discounts and savings on your eye exam, glasses, sunglasses, and lens enhancements for 12 full months.

Gateway Medicard - In an emergency, getting vital health information to medical personnel quickly could be critical. Your Gateway Medicard keeps your personal medical profile handy at all times.

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